Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Lord's Promise To Fill Our Mouths

Hey family and friends!! So last week was a super interesting week. I went on exchanges again like 4 more times and one of them was with another new missionary named Elder Rands!

But my favorite exchange was with Elder Roggow. He came straight from Germany to the Provo MTC and he could barely speak English when he came. (I don't believe him though because his English is seriously perfect) but that was the best day ever! The spirit was insanely strong the whole day!! He taught me so much about finding those that are ready for the gospel. He shared a story with me when he first started, he said that in the beginning of his mission he had no faith to find people because everyone he talked to didn't care about religion. (pretty much how our area is) and because of those peoples attitudes and how it affected him he had like no success because he let it destroy his faith. 
Elders Roggow and Kaanapu

Then he shared a lesson that he learned from a legendary missionary from our mission (elder Wood) he said that the key to finding is to 1) rely on even the smallest spiritual promptings 2) JUST DO IT. and by just do it I mean to literally just talk to people. The lords promise to us that he will fill our mouths with what we need to say can happen ONLY if we open our mouths in the first place! I know it seems really simple but he said it with such power it was crazy. (BTW Elder Wood would regularly get like 40 new contacts a week, when the standard of excellence is 12/week..ya..crazy)

But by far the spiritual highlight of that day was when Elder Roggow and I were in the car on our way to an appointment. I told him we should pray and he agreed, and when I offered the prayer we both got a little teary eyed and the spirit literally came over us like a huge blanket. Most of that prayer was just a prayer of thankfulness towards God for our blessings as missionaries and for everything else we had accomplished.

Prayers of this strength have been happening a lot and Elder Roggow asked how I was able to do it. And I was able to share what I have learned about sincere, powerful prayers over the years. I told him that prayer that brings the spirit is a prayer that 1) you gather your thoughts and things you want to ask for and things your thankful for 2) you get as specific as you can (instead of just praying for help, pray for specific help, i.e. help to teach this lesson and to get a certain point across.) The more specific you get the specific and powerful a blessing you will receive. 3) Talk as if you were talking to Heavenly Father. Don't be afraid to speak what's on your mind, even though Heavenly Father knows it already, he CANNOT bless you if you DON'T SAY IT. I may not know every scripture, be the best teacher and I'm certainly not the best finder. But I do know that prayer is the key to revelation. Prayer is how God can talk to us, and how we can talk to him. and I have a commitment that I want to share with everyone. Every time you pray, focus on the three steps listed above and try to feel the spirit. If you can do that every time. You will have so much influence and you will feel the spirit so much more in your lives. I hope you all have an amazing week! Love - Elder Kaanapu

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