Monday, October 27, 2014

Mission Exchanges - A Chance To Grow!

Hello everybody!! Man this week was interesting I went on like 3 different exchanges with 3 other missionaries and man I got some stories!! Like last Saturday I went on exchanges with Elder Seeley and he is also from Utah and he is serving a Vietnamese speaking mission! So basically the whole day I would just sit while he was speaking Vietnamese to the investigators that we visited cause There was no way I could contribute anything.

But when we went tracting we had a really cool experience. We went to visit a less actives house but they weren't home so we then talked to her neighbor who could speak perfect English(so I was excited) But it turns out he was of strong apostolic faith and that he was busy so he didn't want us to come in. But eventually we actually were able to get him to agree on us sharing some thoughts outside. And during the conversation I was able to bare my testimony about prayer and how it is a two way connection between you and God and how I was able to pray about the church and find out that it was true. So we gave him a book of Mormon and invited him to pray about it and its contents. We left and man I felt so happy cause I knew I was sent there if anything else to teach him and testify to him. I'm praying for all of my friends and family back in Utah and everywhere else.

The mission is very hard but not the same hard that you would think. Surprisingly getting doors slammed in my face, and people shouting at us and insulting us and what not, is actually okay for me to handle. I guess what's hard for me out here (well one of the things at least) is that these people don't know what they're missing out on. I just want these people to realize what the true gospel really is and how it can change their life. But hey free agency right? :) But it's okay, other missionaries have had much harder times then me. After all, what right have I to say this is hard when Christ went through what he went through. When the son of God drank from the bitter cup by the will of the father (never the less not my will, but thine be done) he endured things that I myself cannot comprehend. and he did not shy away from it. He had all the power he needed to free himself from the cross and to stop those people from torturing him, but instead he followed the will of the father and endured through his trials.

Elders Stokes, Kent, Salisbury & Kaanapu
I think of that it makes my hard times seem so small and insignificant that I even wonder why I was complaining in the first place. My invitation to you all is to endure through your trials, to rely on prayer to our heavenly father for strength and to never give in. And also if you haven't already, to gain a greater testimony about the atonement because once you do soooooo many things become clear, its crazy! :) I love all of you soooo much! and I hope everything goes well back in the states! and Philippines ;) Scripture of the day! Moroni 10: 3-5, Love Elder Kaanapu

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