Friday, September 26, 2014

Day 3 in the MTC

Melbourne District - MTC at Provo Temple
Hey Everybody!! This is Elder Kaanapu just emailing you back from the MTC and oh my gosh this experience is amazing! I have grown so much and I have felt the spirit more strongly and more frequently here then my entire life combined! 
My companion is Elder DeGering and he is an amazing person, he and I are getting along great! I'm gonna send letters soon so don't worry :) and another thing is if you want to have letters and packages have priority you can use an online service called Dear Elder and you basically type your letter on line and they'll print it out same day and deliver it same day here which is really nice :) but for hand written letters or packages if you add around the address area the mail box number of our district which is 161 and the date October 6 it'll have priority too because October 6 is when we ship out to Australia so they'll make sure to have it here before then :) 
Melbourne District at MTC
My gosh there's so much I wanna tell you! The first day that I got in was amazing because right from the curb I committed to myself that I would have a positive experience about Missionary work and about being here in general and I've been very blessed ever since :) I walked right up to my escort and he greeted me with a warm smile and I knew that things were going to be okay. We then got all of our other things like missionary tags and pamphlets and packets and stuff and then we dropped off our luggage at our little dorm room. Then we headed up to our main classroom in building 18m room 550 and there is where I met one of the other elders in my district Elder Christensen. He is also an amazing guy! He was super nice and we also get along great. Then I kinda just sat down and started talking to him then Some other elders came in that were part of our district and then that's where I met my companion. 
 The other Elder's are in these companionship's, Elder Kent and Elder Stokes, Elder Wach and Elder Fiaui, Elder Christensen and Elder Scott and myself and Elder DeGering. Something cool I learned about Elder DeGering is that he is the fifth one to go on a mission in his family. and you can definitely tell that he's ready just by the way that he prays. 
Anyways on to our lessons and stuff, we experienced a WHOLE lot lesson wise. The very first night we got here we taught investigator actors here at the MTC ( which by the way, some are members and some are not) and it was an eye opener because I got to experience different people and their different backgrounds and how and what we should say). Although one thing that I am proud of is that whenever someone in our district spoke up to comment on something for both the first and second day it seemed to bring the spirit and make a difference. GO BRANCH 26, DISTRICT D!! haha that's us ;) oh and by the way I have two awesome pieces of news! I got called to be DISTRICT LEADER!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! It's more responsibility but it's totally worth it :) and the second piece of news is Elder DeGering and I are singing in the missionary choir for Priesthood session!! We are actually gonna be in the choir in the actual CONFERENCE CENTER or wherever general conference is held :) so you guys might see me on TV!! Anyways I gotta go and do other awesome missionary stuff :) Love you all!!! and I miss you!! please write and email me whenever you can cause I love getting letters and emails :)  Sincerely, Elder Kaanapu

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