Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ponderizing helps immensely

We had some good success this past week, We finally had this non-member girl come to church with her less-active father which has been our hope since I first got transferred into the area! It was good to see the Lord's spirit working in their lives to help them come to church. 

Recently I've been reflecting on that aspect of missionary work, how the Lord prepares his "sheep" to come to the fold its honestly really fascinating to see it unfold in someones life. On my mission I've experienced working with people for literally months and seeing very little progression, and then meeting someone at the door step, teaching them and baptizing them in the matter of weeks. I feel very inadequate when it comes to the Lord's spirit working in the hearts of the children of men. The Lord just always knows what he's doing compared to me who is just a normal 20 year old guy. It really makes me that much more thankful for him for letting me serve a mission. I will hold these experiences very close to me. I also want to say that the General Conference challenge to ponderize a scripture a week has helped me out IMMENSELY this past week, I've been ponderizing Mathew 16:24 and just having that scripture on hand has given me a lot of protection and stress-relief so I invite all of you to try it. I'll end my little epistle by saying how much I love serving a mission. It has changed my life. I hope all the youth that I know including my family will serve missions too! Have a great week everybody! Ofa atu! Elder Kaanapu

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